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Nissan Navara to fly the flag up through Africa in daring expedition

Source: Motorpress /Nissan South Africa

Nissan Navara to fly the flag up through Africa in daring expedition

ROSSLYN – In a week’s time, a group of intrepid drivers will embark on an epic eight-country tour that will take them right up the length of the continent, all the way to Cairo. Dubbed Nissan Daring Africa 2024, the expedition will visit Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya before ending in Egypt.

The design of the all new Navara,
The expedition is a celebration of the Nissan brand and its African heritage. The only automotive manufacturer to have wholly owned manufacturing plants in Egypt and South Africa, the Japanese automotive manufacturer has been in Africa for more than 60 years – and making vehicles in Africa for as long from its Rosslyn plant, which today is the company’s LCV manufacturing hub for the entire continent, complimented by its plant in Cairo, Egypt, which is its passenger vehicle assembly centre.

Represented in every country on the continent, Nissan recently opened up new markets, bringing north Africa into the Nissan Africa fold for the first time in the company’s 90 year history.

“It’s all part of our mid-term growth strategy, to unlock the potential that this continent has as the world’s last automotive frontier by providing the best line-up of models to answer Africa’s mobility needs in a sustainable, safe and aspirational way,” says Sherief Eldessouky, Nissan Africa managing director.

“This odyssey from the African home of the Navara is a wonderful celebration of this vehicle,” he says. “It’s all-new and built right here in Rosslyn, by Africans for Africans.”

Since the end of last year, Nissan revealed its expansion plans for the export of the South African built Navara to the new markets including Algeria and Libya, with the Navara’s debut in Egypt planned shortly.

“This initiative is also a great opportunity for us to reconnect with people and places that this incredible company has been servicing for so long with such great success,” says Eldessouky.

It’s also physical proof, he says, of Nissan’s footprint in Africa and the company’s ability to support the entire range of vehicles it sells with the right parts and the best trained technicians in each of these countries. The Navaras will be accompanied on their odyssey by a Nissan X-Trail acting as a support vehicle, which will also give the X-Trail an opportunity to prove its adventure credentials on some of Africa’s highways.

The expedition is daring, says Nissan Africa Head of Communications and PR Ramy Mohareb, in keeping with the company’s 90th birthday celebrations last year.

“We are proving our promise that the entire range of the Nissan Navara which we build on the continent, is equal to the severest road conditions that Africa has to offer as we connect our two manufacturing hubs on either side of the continent as we prepare to launch the Navara into the Egypt market,” he says.

At the same time, the expedition is daring to breathe life into the concept of the African Continental Free Trade Area and show how the automotive sector holds the key to unlock the potential of the African Century.

The expedition is also a wonderful showcase for the Navara says Nissan Africa marketing director Stefan Haasbroek: “Our all new Nissan Navara, the best pick-up we have ever made, is literally built of more: it has a reinforced chassis, the suspension is different and the roll over angle is the best in the market. It is the perfect vehicle to continue Nissan’s strong pick-up legacy in South Africa.”

The design of the all new Navara, which won the coveted 2022 South African Car of the year award in the double cab category, focuses on four pillars: rugged and tough, utterly capable; value for money with high levels of safety across all models; Nissan’s legendary smart technology; and, exceptional drive comfort.

“We recognised that the Navara will be bought both by fleets and by individuals and this is a vehicle that has proven itself to be as useful working on the road during the week as it is for relaxing during the weekend,” says Haasbroek

Africa is the world last remaining automotive frontier because of the low level of vehicle ownership. Elsewhere in the world the global motorization average is 182 vehicles per 1 000 people versus 42 per 1 000 in Africa.

“We believe in Africa, and we believe in this continent’s potential,” says Eldessouky. “Our mantra for the region is Let’s Build’ and this expedition really is proof positive of that.”
Navara says Nissan Africa marketing director Stefan Haasbroek
The design of the all new Navara, which won the coveted 2022 South African Car of the year award in the double cab category,

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