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Mitsubishi Motors Wins Good Design Award 2023 in Japan with the all-new Triton and Xforce

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Mitsubishi Motors Wins Good Design Award 2023

Tokyo – Mitsubishi Motors announced that the all-new Triton one-ton bakkie and the all-new Xforce compact SUV have won the Good Design Award 2023 organised by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

All-new Triton and Xforce
Mitsubishi Motors has been working to create distinctively unique designs based on its design philosophy of Robust & Ingenious. The company is committed to providing customers with reliability and excitement by building upon its core values of dynamic strength, robustness and functionality, and by continuing to evolve and progress with the times. The two new models, the Triton and Xforce were selected as Good Design Award winners for embodying the core Mitsubishi Motors design philosophy while expressing their individual design concepts.

All-new Triton

The all-new Triton is a one-ton bakkie that condenses the essence of Mitsubishi Motors, offering safe and comfortable ride with peace of mind in a variety of weather and road conditions around the world. Based on the Beast Mode design concept, the all-new Triton has an imposing aura that expresses the toughness and strength required of a pickup truck, as well as the ruggedness and agility typical of a Mitsubishi model. The interior is designed for enhanced practicality with professional use in mind.

Comments from the jury:

"The all-new Triton boasts power not found in passenger vehicles and a sense of fun that sets it apart from other bakkies. The styling, consisting of a front face with a strong presence, distinctive lighting utilizing LEDs, a horizontally-themed silhouette, and square fenders, fully meets these requirements and clearly conveys the brand identity. In addition, the vehicle offers a spacious cabin, a functional instrument panel, a low cargo bed, and other user-friendly features, while also standing out for its excellent workmanship, including a cover for the inside of the cargo bed."

All-new Xforce

The all-new Xforce is a compact SUV that offers comfort and practicality including a spacious cabin and versatile storage spaces well-balanced in a manoeuvrable, compact body size, as well as road handling that allows safe, secure ride in various weather or road conditions. Based on the design concept of Silky & Solid, its design features a stylish yet robust, authentic SUV styling and a sophisticated interior with a cutting-edge feel.

Comments from the jury:

"The exterior design, with the powerful front and rear fenders at its core, gives a sense of massiveness despite the vehicle's compact size, and together with the shape of the headlights and rear combination lights, it exudes the appeal of an advanced SUV. Meanwhile, through well-organised, structured modelling and the skilful blending of colours, materials and finishes (CMF), the interior succeeds in creating a sense of excitement to match the external profile. The use of a hexagon motif in the details of both the interior and exterior also contributes to a sense of unity in the overall vehicle design."

“Mitsubishi fans have a high appreciation for powerful and imposing designed bakkies and SUV’s that plays an integral role in enhancing the fun lifestyle they deserve - stay tuned for more exciting news” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).
All-new Triton
All-new Xforce

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