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Jaguar gives I-PACE drivers an on-board product genius - available at the push of a button

Source: Motorpress /Jaguar South Africa

Jaguar gives I-PACE drivers an on-board product genius - available at the push of a button

New I-Assistance service allows I-PACE drivers to get the most out of their vehicle by answering questions on demand, Dedicated specialists are available by simply pushing the bCall button in the I-PACE’s overhead console I-Assistance is available for free for all Jaguar I-PACE customers

Pretoria, 12 December 2019 – Jaguar I-PACE drivers in South Africa now have access to an on-board product genius who can answer technical questions about the electric vehicle’s many features and systems. The new I-Assistance service makes a team of dedicated EV specialists available at the push of a button.

Sharnie Malan, Customer Service Director, Jaguar Land Rover South Africa, said: “Flipping through hundreds of pages of a car’s owner’s manual is never fun. The new I-Assistance service makes finding out about an I-PACE’s many features so much simpler. Just push the bCall button and speak to an actual person who knows all about the car’s functionality in nitty-gritty detail.”

All Jaguars come standard with a bCall button in the overhead console which puts drivers in contact with a help centre, but for I-PACE owners the button will make direct contact with a specialist familiar with the EV’s many features and functions.

Drivers can ask about anything from tech features such as cruise control or the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, to electrification-specific information such as where the nearest public charger is located and how to adapt driving styles to increase range.

The I-Assistance service is available for free for all existing and future Jaguar I-PACE customers in South Africa.

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