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Get any car ready for the holiday season with Thule’s range of rooftop cargo carriers

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Get any car ready for the holiday season with Thule’s range of rooftop cargo carriers

Thule, the Swedish manufacturer of premium vehicle accessories, offer a wide variety of rooftop cargo carrying solutions to make the carrying of gear easy and safe for the thousands of South Africans who will hit the road to their favourite holiday destinations this festive season.

South Africans who will hit the road to their favourite holiday destinations this festive season.
A rooftop cargo carrier offers a many of advantages over other methods of expanding luggage capacity, such as trailers. Rooftop cargo carriers do not require licensing, a towbar, maintenance or plenty of storage space.

Thule’s wide range of rooftop cargo carriers can add up to 610 litres of additional packing space. Thule have roof bars and foot packs for most vehicles sold in South Africa today and these roof bars can also accommodate a variety of accessories alongside the rooftop cargo carrier, ensuring that all your leisure equipment can be safely transported to your holiday destination.

A Thule rooftop cargo carrier is a great way to expand your carrying capacity, even if your car is equipped with a towbar as it frees up the towbar for other duties, such as the fitment of a Thule bicycle rack or towing your motorcycle trailer or caravan. Carrying bicycles behind the car is one of the most effective ways to do so as it will have the least effect on the cars aerodynamic performance and fuel consumption.

Take the pain out of packing

Thule’s rooftop cargo carriers are able to transform your holiday packing from a complicated game of tetris to the ability to safely and securely transport everything needed to enjoy the time at your holiday destination. Models range in size from 360 to 610 litres and longer models are especially ideal for items such as golf clubs, beach umbrellas or a pram, items that don't fit into many boots and if they do, they leave little space for anything else.

While picturing how much luggage or gear will fill a 610-litre space can be tricky, comparing that to the boot size of some of South Africa’s most popular vehicles provides some perspective. The boot capacity of a Toyota Fortuner, with the third row of seats in the upright position only measures 296 litres, while a Volkswagen Polo has space for 351 litres of luggage. The Hyundai Tucson offers one of the biggest boots currently available in the family SUV class, measuring 620 litres. What this means in real terms is that even with Thule’s smallest rooftop cargo offering one can easily double the luggage carrying capacity of the average South African car.

Once at your holiday destination a rooftop cargo carrier is great for transporting soiled items like wetsuits and sandy beach wear, which will help minimize the accumulation of holiday dirt inside your car.

Cost saving benefits

Thule’s rooftop cargo carriers have been designed with optimum aerodynamics in mind, meaning the effect on your overall fuel consumption will be negligible if any, which is a big advantage given the current inflated fuel prices.

Economic pressures have also forced many motorists to downsize their vehicles to smaller, more fuel-efficient models that are well suited to the daily commute, but don't always have the space that holiday adventures require. The use of a rooftop cargo carrier allows owners to transform these compact models into more practical holidaying solutions, with the increased luggage space now making city runabouts suitable for holiday adventures.

Peace of mind

Thule’s engineers work in conjunction with all major motor manufacturers to ensure that the boxes as well as the bars on which they are mounted fit seamlessly onto the vehicle, with no permanent modification needed, which means that their fitment will not affect your vehicle’s warranty.

All Thule’s rooftop cargo carriers offer full access to the boot and are easily and securely mounted onto the vehicles roof rails, should they need to be removed or reattached once you reach your holiday destination. The cargo carriers are easy to open and close by design thanks to well-located handles and supporting lifters. Thule’s SlideLock system, with separate locking and opening functions, automatically locks the lid in place and indicates when the box is closed securely. In addition all Thule rooftop cargo carriers are covered by a five-year warranty.

A range to suit every need, vehicle and pocket

Thule offer a wide range of rooftop cargo carriers in various styles and sizes, starting from R8 999. The Thule Pacific M is a simple yet functional solution that is available in 310 and 410 litre options. The Thule Force XT M is a versatile roof mounted cargo box as DualSide opening provides easy access to all areas of the box, from both sides of the vehicle and is available in variants ranging from 300 to 420 litres.

The Thule Motion XT is stylish in design which allows it to perfectly integrate with sleek sedans or sporty SUVs. It is available in five different sizes in either a glossy silver or glossy black finish and can swallow loads between 300 and 610 litres.

The elegant, sporty design of the Thule Vector incorporates seamless integration of the lid and base. Inside it boasts a felt lined interior for increased gear protection, while a white coloured interior lid and LED light makes for easier loading and unloading in the dark. The Vector is available in 360, 380 and 430 litre models.

The Thule Canyon XT roof basket is another solution for rooftop loading, with the added advantage of not being limited in terms of height. The Canyon XT is ideal for bigger items like cooler boxes, tents, jerry cans or even an additional spare wheel and items can easily be secured by tie down straps or a cargo net. Its robust styling perfectly complements SUVs and off-road vehicles.

The Thule Caprock platform roof top carrier allows off-road vehicle owners to transform the roof of their vehicle and create a foundation for everyday work or leisure adventures. With a modular design and endless possibilities the sleek roof platform supports a variety of gear and mounting types. Easy to load and unload, such a roof platform is a great foundation for adventures off the beaten track.

Naturally the Caprock can act as a basis for the fitment of Thule’s variety of rack products that allow owners to live their passions no matter where they are travelling to. The Caprock can be fitted with accessories such as bicycle carriers, roof boxes and kayak holders concurrently.

The complete package

Accessories such as the Thule GoPack, allow for the packing of all your regular luggage in the most efficient manner. This complete set of duffel style bags is the perfect solution for organising the roof box load. The GoPack bags allow for easy access to gear through an oversized, wide mouth opening while side handles make loading and unloading into the rooftop cargo carrier a breeze. The GoPack bags weigh under a kilogram each but can swallow 60 litres. Colour coding or ID panels allow for easy identification.

Available nationwide

Thule’s wide range of rooftop cargo carriers, bicycle racks, accessories and luggage are available from Thule Concept stores located throughout South Africa.
A range to suit every need, vehicle and pocket
Easy to load and unload

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