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Feelin’ the Suzuki Drive Vibes!

Source: Suzuki Auto South Africa

When it comes to Drive Vibes, Suzuki has them all

We know that Suzuki cars evoke all sorts of magic emotions for different drivers, and we recently asked our Social Media Community about how they create their own Drive Vibe.

Feelin’ the Suzuki Drive Vibes!
There’s so much to love about driving a Suzuki! We admit we’re a little biased, but we certainly have the proof to back us up. Here’s what some of our Suzuki drivers love about driving their cars:

I was able to maintain 100km per hour on the freeway during the rain last week. My Jimny is slow, but I realised after a while that I was suddenly feeling like I was in a Porsche. The trick, I was in 4x4 high range so my traction was on point.

I love how safe I feel in my car. My Suzuki has great performance and offers all the right feels. Plus, it’s sexy.

When I started looking for another car, I wanted affordability, reliability, practicality, smashing good looks, and fuel efficiency. My Brezza is all that and more. I don't see myself ever driving another brand again. Suzuki is far superior when it comes to hassle-free motoring.

I love my Ignis for a few reasons. It has fast reaction times and can turn swiftly. It’s stable and sturdy on the road. It sounds great, outside and inside. It’s very spacious and comfortable. There’s a lot of boot space. It’s kept me safe on the road!

It's comfortable to drive, fuel-efficient, looks great, and has awesome extra features. The warranty is great and Suzuki offers excellent service. I’m very happy.

I love my Vitara Brezza! It’s my first car. It’s a comfortable, fuel-efficient, and good looking small SUV.

Like we said, driving a Suzuki is a vibe!

When we asked our Suzuki Family what they love doing while driving, the answer that came up the most was listening to music, and we totally agree. The only thing that could make a Suzuki road trip better is the perfect playlist.

From Pop to Punk Rock, Gqom to Metal, Instrumental to Indie; our Suzuki driving playlists are as diverse as we are. We’ve spoken to Suzuki drivers across South Africa over the years to keep our Road Trip Playlist up to date and here are the most popular songs:

1. Highway To Hell by ACDC
2. SBCNCSLY by Black Coffee
3. Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac
4. Fela In Versace by Aka Ft. Kiddominant
5. Hold Your Kite by Goldfish
6. Bat Outta Hell by Meatloaf
7. Crossroads by I Prevail
8. Huku by Sho Madjozi
9.Paradise City by Guns N Roses
10. Throne by Bring Me The Horizon
11. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
12. The Nights by Avicii
13. Vir Ewig Jonk by Ray Dylan
14. Venom by Eminem
15. Impi by Johnny Clegg & Juluka
16. All The Small Things by Blink182
17. Pray For Me by Anthony Hamilton
18.Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
19. Hall Of Fame by The Script & Will.I.Am
20.Underclass Hero by Sum41
21. Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo

We’ve got music for every mood and tunes for every type of road trip. You can find even more of the Best road trip podcasts, playlist videos, and audiobooks in our blog.

Besides listening to some great mood-matching music, here are some other things Suzuki drivers love doing while driving:

I love driving with my family and friends.
I love singing and even the occasional dance.
I love spending time with good friends, talking about life, what we’re going through, and how we feel while we drive. It’s super therapeutic!

I love using my Suzuki’s infotainment centre to catch up on some admin and calls while I drive.

My fondest memories growing up came from road trips, the early morning McDonald’s trips after a night out.

I love driving alone, practising self-care by talking to myself, talking my problems out, and only my S-Presso knows.

On road trips, we occasionally play games such as spotting double numbers in a number plate, or how many trucks are on the road. For long-distance trips, we count the animals.

You can’t go wrong with this ultimate guide to creating the Suzuki Drive Vibe.

We’ve sung, laughed, cried, shouted, and more in the comfort of our cars. When we say a Suzuki is your best friend, we really mean it. We spend a fair amount of time in our cars so the vibes need to be on point.

With the right feels, every drive will feel like the adventure of a lifetime.
I love my Vitara Brezza! It’s my first car. It’s a comfortable, fuel-efficient, and good looking small SUV.
When we asked our Suzuki Family what they love doing while driving

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