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New ë-C3 is the first electric car produced in Europe to offer a concrete solution to the accessibility issue without compromising. ë-C3 makes electric life easier offering customers of the B-segment versatility, modern design, distinctive comfort and a wide range of useful equipment..

New ë-C3 as the most relevant incoming electric car for 2024
Poissy, 21 December 2023 – Citroën new ë-C3 has won the Ecobest award 2024, given by the Autobest jury. The prize which looks at environmentally friendly mobility, energy efficiency, and environmental impact reduction recognizes the ë-C3 as the most compelling electric car entering the market in 2024. The new ë-C3 is a game-changer: it is not only an affordable electric vehicle made in Europe, on sale from €23,300 but it is also easy to use and versatile, and boasts an attractive style, suitable equipment and a comfortable on-board experience.

Every year since 2002, Autobest has recognised the car receiving the highest number of votes per category. For the Ecobest one, the cars are assessed on the basis of environmentally friendly mobility and performance aspects such as range, battery or charging as well as criteria related to the cost of ownership. The new ë-C3 was then submitted to the votes of 31 motoring journalists from 31 European countries and has won the “Ecobest” 2024 award.

This acknowledgement for New ë-C3 by a professional jury is coming just after a first very positive feedback from customers since they have been more than 10,000 to book their “You” or “Max” version online.

The Ecobest recognition reinforces Citroën's dedication to pushing the boundaries of mobility, offering customers an electric car that not only meets environmental standards but also addresses accessibility challenges in the most innovative ways.

With its 83 kW (113hp) electric motor and its 44 kWh battery that offers a range up to 320 km in the WLTP cycle, the new ë-C3 delivers more than enough power and performance to satisfy the majority of customers who need an electric city car for urban and suburban travel. Longer travels turn out to be easier thanks to its 100 kW DC fast recharging from 20 to 80% capacity in just 26 minutes and its new e-Routes smart EV trip planner.

Citroën understands the importance of versatility in the B-segment, and the new ë-C3 delivers on this front.

The new ë-C3 is perfectly suited to the needs of families, who will benefit from the smoothness and quietness of the electrics, complemented by roominess and excellent comfort, a major part of the brand’s DNA.

The well-being of the driver and occupants has long been a priority for Citroën. It goes to a new level in the new ë-C3 as it is focused on creating a ”C-Zen lounge” cabin with revised versions of the highly padded Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats and an uncluttered, layered dash panel with a fabric covered ‘Sofa Design’ shelf sitting below the upper control level. Citroën Advanced Comfort Suspensions add the appreciated and Citroën’s distinctive flying carpet effect.

With a modern design that combines B-hatchback with higher ground clearance and higher seating position but with the same footprint as the C3, the ë-C3 caters to the evolving needs of customers, offering a wide range of useful equipment and driver assistance technologies.
Citroën new ë-C3 has won the Ecobest award 2024
Modern Design and affordable electric life

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